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Dr. Jordanna Quinn

Dr. Jordanna Quinn, D.O. is a board certified doctor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and has specialty training in Regenerative medicine, Functional medicine, Anti Aging Medicine and Medical Aesthetics.

Dr. Quinn has extensive experience with athletes of all types, professional and amateur. She enjoys helping busy CEOs, lawyers, doctors and athletes improve their performance, health, and looks so that they can live up to their full potential, without sacrificing their health.

Kore Specialities

Kore Regenerative Medicine provides several services, both traditional and nontraditional, to optimize your health.

Orthopedic Medicine

Using your own body’s natural healing mechanisms, we heal injured tissues and improve symptoms of arthritis.

Bioidentical Hormones

Our hormone treatments help prevent diseases of aging such as cardiac disease and osteoporosis.


Botox and fillers decrease physical signs of aging and restore a youthful appearance to your skin.

IV Therapies

IV chelation is used to decrease heavy metals in the body and decrease plaques in the arteries, …

Functional Medicine

Chronic and autoimmune diseases are prominent cause of disability. Functional medicine helps to …

Osteopathic Manipulations

Osteopathy views the body as having an innate ability to heal itself. Osteopathic manipulations are used to …

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Why Regenerative Medicine?

Unlike traditional medicine that often treats your symptoms, Regenerative Medicine addresses illness and injury at a more basic level by attempting to repair damaged cells, genes, and organs.

Disease and injury trigger an automatic healing response in our bodies that regenerative techniques harness and find ways to speed up. Combining the fields of chemistry, biology, genetics, medicine, computer science, engineering, and even robotics, regenerative medicine finds solutions for often untreatable issues.

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