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Stem Cell Therapy Treatment in Golden, CO


Kore Regenerative Medicine provides several services, both traditional and nontraditional, to optimize your health.

Regenerative Medicine

Using your own body’s stem cells and platelets, we heal injured tissues and improve symptoms of arthritis. If you’re a serious athlete or you’re experiencing difficulties with aging, you will enjoy the non surgical benefits of regenerative medicine.

Bioidentical Hormones

Our hormone treatments help prevent diseases of aging such as cardiac disease and osteoporosis. If you are experiencing symptoms of aging such as aches and pains, depression, mood swings, decreased libido, weight gain, our hormone treatments are right for you.


Botox and fillers decrease physical signs of aging and restore a youthful appearance to your skin.  PRP (platelet-rich plasma) microneedling is also used to boost your body’s natural collagen production.  Come in for a consultation and see which anti-aging treatment is best for you!

IV Therapies

IV chelation is used to decrease heavy metals in the body and decrease plaques in the arteries, reducing your risk of heart disease. Some IV therapies are great for preventing cellular damage and slow the aging process.

Functional Medicine

Chronic and autoimmune diseases are prominent cause of disability.  Functional medicine helps to decrease the burden of these diseases by evaluating the entire body as a whole, and treating the root cause of disease.  

Osteopathic Manipulations

Osteopathy views the body as having an innate ability to heal itself. Osteopathic manipulations are used to alleviate pain and realign the body, in order to optimize natural healing.

Why This Medicine

All of our medical services provide your body with solutions that improve, heal, and regenerate.


C. Trout – Project Engineering Services, LLC

I highly recommend Dr. Jordanna Quinn to any and all.  I have continued to go see her for the last 8 years due to her knowledge, her authenticity, good counsel, and most importantly the time she takes with her patients. Though I know she has a very busy schedule, you will never feel rushed! She is present and engaging … ALWAYS!

L. Pedersen

It is with honor and pleasure that I write this review about Dr. Jordanna Quinn.  When thinking about my experiences with her, two words immediately come to mind; professional thoughtfulness.  For me, this idea has a great deal of meaning in our age of “quick medical attention”. I know that when I have an appointment with Dr. Quinn she will give me her time and expertise, exploring with compassion what type of support I need to improve my quality of life.  She does not shy away from thinking out of the box, networking with others, partnering with me. I am 70 years old and I have had a multitude of experiences with doctors. It would be very difficult for me to identify even a couple of my other doctors with her same attributes and thereby, it is without hesitation that I recommend Dr. Quinn for the here and now as well as the future.  Golden is very lucky to have her in its community.

Dr. J. Lincoln

Dr. Jordanna Quinn has been my personal physician for several years, during which we have worked cooperatively toward the common goal of improving and sustaining my personal health.  What is unique about Dr. Quinn is her enthusiasm and willingness to listen to her patients and to thoughtfully understand their issues in order to key into practical, real-world solutions and recommendations. I would add that she has also helped me understand the importance of nutrition, exercise, and rest as part of a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Quinn is a wonderful, tireless advocate for personal and public health and I strongly recommend her. 

M. Hauser

Dr. Quinn is so great to work with. I love how real and authentic she is, and it puts me at ease knowing that I’m getting the treatment that’s right for me.  Bonus points — she always makes me laugh!  I wouldn’t go to anyone else.


Dr. Quinn is a wonderful doctor; she is caring, professional, and always takes the time to fully listen to her patients. She always makes me feel reassured when I come to her with a problem, and is truly invested in my overall healthcare. I highly recommend her!


Dr. Quinn is very professional and frank. I appreciate her willingness to be open with her patients and present patients with all of the medical options, not just jumping into one diagnosis without considering all the symptoms. She is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely CARES about her patients.


Over the past few years I’ve seen Dr. Quinn (medicine woman LOL) for a myriad of sport related injuries ranging from should separations to spine compression issues to torn knee ligaments. The attention I’ve received from Dr. Quinn is top notch?she always gets me back on my feet and feeling good. Admittedly I had never heard of a D.O. before, but after struggling to find long term relief for chronic back issues, I gave Osteopathic Medicine a try. Never again will I be going back to an MD!


I was having tendinitis issue. She examined me and we came up with a friend form of treatment. She was very personal and caring in her treatment approach.


Dr. Quinn is a exceptional provider. She truly cares for her patients, and it is obvious. She takes the time to listen to your needs, and carefully explains all of your options to you (from conservative treatment, to medications, to supplements, to interventions and surgery if need be). She is efficient and almost always runs on time, or close to on time. I never feel rushed when I’m with her during a visit. She is happy to answer any and all questions that I have. I trust her completely.


Dr. Quinn is an amazing D.O. who actually cares about patients and spends the necessary time identifying and solving the root issues of health problems, as opposed to just treating symptoms. I highly recommend Kore Regenerative Medicine for the perfect balance of Western/Holistic medicine and care.


Dr. Quinn was monumental in my recovery from an ankle injury. After having 5 surgeries 10+ years ago, my bone and cartilage had finally degraded to the point that I was looking at surgery #6. Wanting to avoid this at all costs, but being fully non-weight bearing due to extreme pain, Dr. Quinn came highly recommended for her skills with stem cells. After an initial consultation, I opted to follow her recommendation for stem cells with 3 follow up PRPs. Not only was she incredibly skilled with injecting my ankle using an ultrasound machine, she was kind and compassionate. I felt truly heard by her and started to see results from the stem cells within a month. At 6 months out, I was able to backpack Australia and SE Asia for 3 months. I can’t recommend her enough!

Donald K.

As a competitive master’s level athlete I put considerable stress on my aging body. In the last decade, I have sustained injuries to shoulders, elbows, thumbs , plantar fascia, hips, groin, neck, and other areas.  I have enjoyed the benefits of regenerative medicine to treat these injuries including PRP, prolotherapy, trigger-point injections, etc.

I have used Dr. Quinn to provide these treatments since returning to Denver  several years ago. She is s distinguished in the use of regenerative techniques because of her extensive knowledge of muscle and tendon structures. I also find that her use of ultrasound machines to locate precise locations for injection  gives a unique advantage relative to other doctors. I strongly recommend Dr. Quinn when it comes to regenerative medical treatments.

Christian Quinn

Dr. Jordanna Quinn treated me for instability in my back recently.  An issue that I have been dealing with for years with no lasting relief from chiropractors and physical therapists.  Even after my first treatment of prolotherapy, I am seeing vast improvement.  She was very professional and friendly. Highly recommend!

W. Casey

I’ve had the benefit of treatment by Dr. Quinn — as a patient, I found her a genuinely supportive caregiver. As someone whose interests run toward leading-edge healthcare (I read primary literature A LOT), I found that — behind a superb bedside manner — is a very acute brain that’s quite on top of the latest research. That’s a rarity. Could not recommend her more strongly.

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phone: 720-605-9355
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