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Dr. Jordanna Quinn, medical aesthetic physician serving Denver, CO.
Dr. Jordanna Quinn and staff at Kore Regenerative Medicine, a medical aesthetics clinic in Denver, CO.

Dr. Jordanna Quinn, D.O., M.S.

Dr. Jordanna Quinn, D.O., stands at the forefront of holistic health and wellness and aesthetic medical procedures, embodying a unique convergence of expertise in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Regenerative Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, and Psychedelic Medicine. As a board-certified physician, she champions a philosophy that individuals harbor an intrinsic ability for healing and transformation, a potential she is devoted to nurturing and awakening in her patients.

Her approach transcends conventional medical practices. With specialty training that cuts across various innovative fields, including aesthetics for anti-aging, Dr. Quinn crafts comprehensive treatment modalities tailored to each individual’s needs. She fervently believes in the power of the human spirit and body to overcome health challenges, often guiding her patients to discover and surpass levels of well-being they previously thought unattainable.

Transforming the Practices of Medical Aesthetic Enhancements and Regenerative Medicine

For over a decade, Dr. Quinn has been a pivotal figure in the human performance arena, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in patient recovery and wellness. Her dedication to continuous learning equips her with an ever-expanding arsenal of therapies, ensuring her patients have access to the cutting-edge in healthcare advancements. This, coupled with her personal mantra of authenticity — only advocating for treatments she would confidently administer to herself or her loved ones — affirms her commitment to genuine, patient-centered care.

Dr. Quinn’s life is a testament to the principles she instills in her practice. A firm believer in the harmony of mind, body, and spirit, she actively engages in mountain biking, snowboarding, and yoga, pursuits that reflect her advocacy for a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Her downtime is enriched by these passions, along with cherished moments spent with her family, which continue to nourish her professional journey and deepen her understanding of holistic well-being.

In every aspect of her work, from skincare services to sports medicine, Dr. Jordanna Quinn, D.O., is more than a physician; she’s a transformative force in healthcare, dedicated to empowering individuals to break through barriers, embrace their innate healing capacities, and achieve a zenith of health and vitality previously unimagined.

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Board Certifications

» American Osteopathic Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Education and Training:

» Medical School – Western University of Health Sciences
» Residency – University of Virginia
» Masters of Science – Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Kirstin Newton, Nutritionist

Kirstin is a trailblazer in Functional and Integrative Health. With a Master of Science in Integrative and Functional Nutrition, her academic roots are planted at Colorado State University, enriched by studies at the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Kirstin’s diverse clinical background, from emergency medicine as a Paramedic to a ski patroller in the Colorado Mountains, has sharpened her skills and underscored the importance of health for life’s enjoyment. Her shift towards preventative care, fueled by her personal health journey, champions the philosophy of food as medicine and lifestyle changes.

Dedicated to empowering individuals towards health and happiness, Kirstin connects deeply with her patients, guiding them with compassion towards their wellness goals. Her life, filled with outdoor adventures, gardening, soccer, and music, mirrors the balanced lifestyle she advocates.

Specializing in athlete support, hormone health, metabolic and gastrointestinal conditions, inflammation, mental health, and pre/postnatal care, Kirstin’s approach is comprehensive. She stands as a mentor and guide for those on their wellness journey, embracing the transformative impact of personalized nutrition and integrative health practices. Join Kirstin on the path to a healthier, fulfilling life.

Kirstin Newton

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