Dr. Jordanna Quinn, DO, is a board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician as well as the owner and operator of her practice, Kore Regenerative Medicine, serving the greater Denver area.  Dr. Quinn founded Kore in April 2019, with a passionate vision to help athletes and busy professionals achieve peak mental and physical performance.

Today, Kore is known for its Regenerative Medicine procedures that use the body’s own stem cells and platelets to heal itself back to optimal, pain-free functioning. It was Dr. Quinn’s love of natural healing along with her sports medicine and pain management background that led her to quickly fall in love with this specialty.

Through these regenerative procedures, Dr. Quinn was able to not only relieve chronic pain in her patients but also prevent unwanted and often unneeded orthopedic surgeries. As one of the first physicians performing these treatments nationwide (treatments that are now in high demand), she continues to maintain a superior level of care and uses only the highest quality products. Dr. Quinn utilizes these procedures in lieu of joint replacements, meniscal repairs, rotator cuff repairs, and more. All injections that she performs are ultrasound-guided.

As patient care is her top concern, Dr. Quinn offers a comprehensive analysis to address the root cause of any factors that may be negatively impacting a patient’s health, including sleep, stress, hormones, medical problems, and more. For those who seek a deep dive into optimizing their health and wellness, Kore hosts medical retreats, where patients come from across the nation for 3–4 days of accelerated healing and peak performance treatments. Also, Dr. Quinn speaks nationally at conferences addressing bioidentical hormones, medical aesthetics, and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Quinn tunes into each patient’s specific needs to provide tailored supplements and medication recommendations aimed at treating a variety of ailments. She often accompanies these recommendations with an in-depth lab analysis to obtain a detailed and accurate assessment of her patient’s needs on a cellular level.

Kore Regenerative Medicine is a fully comprehensive clinic, offering a wide range of wellness and performance-optimizing treatments. These procedures include stem cell treatments for orthopedic injuries to prevent surgery, comprehensive assessment of chronic & acute conditions, functional medicine, Botox, fillers, PRP facials, hair restoration, bioidentical hormone treatment, food allergy testing, continuous glucose monitoring, osteopathic manipulations, IV therapies (vitamins, NAD, chelation, glutathione), and more.

Contact Dr. Quinn at 720–605–9355 or email info@koremedicine.com with questions/inquiries.