Dr. Jordanna Quinn was asked to participate in the writing of The Gap which examines the disconnect between chronic disease and your true recovery. In her chapter: The Role of Regenerative Medicine in Creating Optimal Health, Dr. Quinn examines how simple steps taken using regenerative medicine techniques can have long-lasting results to keep you performing optimally.

From the back cover:

So many in the world today suffer from a myriad of conditions that are treated with high consumption of medications over long periods of time. These only create temporary relief from the pain and symptoms and don’t truly heal the root cause.

The experts in this book have proven that many deaths are avoidable. They explain how we can find true healing if we extend our search, go deeper and look at the big picture, at the body as a whole.

Learn how our body, our mind, and our spirit connect. Discover how the only way to treat the physical body effectively is to have a high level of understanding of this interconnection.

Plus, we answer the following questions:

  • Can we recover from chronic disease by removing our symptoms?
  • Why do our symptoms keep coming back?
  • How can we find the root cause of our chronic disease, and how can it help us recover faster?
  • Can we rebuild our health foundation?
  • How does breathwork optimize our health?
  • How can we help our children discover the reasons behind their chronic issues and help them heal?
  • What is regenerative medicine and how it can help us heal?
  • How can our lifestyle affect our health?
  • How do we go beyond the unexplained diagnosis and find the root cause of our fertility issues? Read The Gap if you want to uncover the mystery surrounding chronic disease, and learn how your body can live a healthier and longer life.

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