From regenerative medicine to stem cell therapy, modern medicine offers a variety of cutting-edge solutions for all types of ailments. Osteopathic manipulation is one increasingly popular area of care, offering a hands-on treatment for musculoskeletal disorders. The following guide looks at what this process involves and its benefits.

A Beginner’s Guide to Botox

How Does Botox Reduce Wrinkles?

Unlike facial fillers that plump up existing wrinkles, Botox relaxes the muscles causing the wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. Trained specialists inject the botulinum toxin into the target area, which then blocks specific nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. As a result, muscles relax, reducing the appearance of unwanted wrinkles.

Who Is a Good Candidate for It?
Individuals with lines along the forehead, mouth, eyes, and neck are great candidates for this solution. Additionally, younger individulas (men and women) who want to delay the onset of deeper wrinkles, are also great candidates for this treatment. While the treatment is effective for treating many different types of wrinkles, it is best to discuss your candidacy with an experienced doctor before pursuing this or other cosmetic treatments.

What Should You Expect From It?
After a consultation, your doctor will start by feeling how strong the different muscles are in your face, and determine your optimal dose of treatment. They will next map out the areas of injection on the face. Then, they will gently insert a needle with the botulinum toxin into specific muscles. You will begin to see results within three to seven days, and the wrinkle reduction will last two to four months. Some patients experience minor, temporary bruising after the procedure. Patients are also advised to avoid lying down or exercising for two hours after the injection to ensure best results.

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