Here at Kore, we truly have your health and safety in mind. We continue to be hypervigilant about shared space cleanliness. We heavily disinfect each surface after any patient contact. Below is a list of things you can do if you are worried about the virus.


  • Limit processed foods and sugar, both of which decrease your immune system. Be sure to get plenty of rest. Stay hydrated, and keep exercising. Make sure to wash hands well if exercising indoors.
  • Vitamin D & C, Zinc, glutathione. Anything that builds your HEALTH should help!

IMMUNE IV Therapy!

  • If you think your immune system has already been compromised, or want to boost your immune in the face of this pandemic, come in for an immune IV to get your body optimized to fight infection.
  • Don’t panic. But take some logical steps to help decrease the spread of the virus and keep yourself safe. Don’t take part in unnecessary travel.

Respect yourselves.

Respect the community.

Respect science.

Respect the virus.


  • The most concerning symptoms are FEVER, shortness of breath, trouble breathing, and cough. If you are worried about these symptoms, call your primary care physician first, and see if you can be seen in an expedited fashion.


  • Hand washing – soap is the best option with 20 seconds of washing. Any soap will work, as the bubbles and rubbing are what provide the antimicrobial action. Antibacterial soap is unnecessary, as this is a virus and not a bacteria.
  •  Hand sanitizer is ok (if >70%), but again, this is more effective for bacteria as opposed to viruses.
  • Hard surfaces – diluted bleach solutions or wipes are the best. Bleach is highly effective and cheap. Other disinfectants like hydrogen peroxide can work