What is Kore Regenerative Medicine all about?

Regenerative medicine is a natural, holistic approach to medicine, which uses your own body to heal itself. Regenerative medicine takes advantage of the incredible, natural healing powers of the body to restore your body back to its original, non-injured state. Sometimes medications, surgery, and other treatments aren’t the best option – let’s talk about it.

What began as a focus on pain management and sports medicine, evolved into a passion to improve people’s quality of life. As an active, lifelong athlete, my background, passion, and interest in natural health and healing came together to form Kore Regenerative Medicine. I’m always looking for the best treatment to help you as a whole.

This medicine is for anyone who wants to feel better – whether it’s pain management, injury, age-related issues, or fatigue, regenerative medicine is a great option. For professional athletes, weekend warriors, or anyone who has a sports-related injury, regenerative medicine helps your body heal quickly, without the need for surgery.  For patients who are dealing with age-related issues, such as arthritis, and considering a joint replacement, regenerative medicine can help.

Kore uses other treatments to help heal the body and enable people to return to a more youthful version of themselves. In addition to the treatments listed above, Kore uses bioidentical hormones for anti-aging purposes, lifestyle recommendations, IV vitamins, and aesthetic treatments to improve the quality of the cells in your body so that they function at a higher level than they have in years.

My true vision is to improve people’s quality of life. I strive to get my patients back to the life they want to lead, with minimal downtime from work or activities. I work with my patients, without an agenda, to get an understanding of who my patients are as a whole; I practice what I preach (literally) – regenerative medicine is a specialty that I practice, and preach, because of the incredible results it yields… Let’s work together to make you feel better than you ever have, inside and out.

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