From regenerative medicine to stem cell therapy, modern medicine offers a variety of cutting-edge solutions for all types of ailments. Osteopathic manipulation is one increasingly popular area of care, offering a hands-on treatment for musculoskeletal disorders. The following guide looks at what this process involves and its benefits.

Who Can Benefit?

Osteopathic manipulation is primarily used to treat musculoskeletal disorders. Since the musculoskeletal system connects throughout the entire body, this means this strategy can address many parts of the body and many different ailments.

Research has long shown this therapy to be useful in treating chronic lower back pain and neck pain. Physicians often also recommend it for sports injuries and repetitive stress injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as certain types of headaches.

For example, one study found that osteopathic manipulative therapy was helpful for patients with migraines. This treatment has even been shown to be effective in helping alleviate asthma symptoms in children.

How Does This Treatment Work?
Osteopathic manipulation consists of various manual techniques. There is the so-called soft tissue technique, for instance, which applies pressure and rhythmic stretching to the muscular area around the spine. There’s also the muscle energy technique, in which the patient engages a muscle while the practitioner applies counterforce.

Another method is the “thrust,” in which the doctor applies high-velocity force to a joint. You might recognize it by the “crack” sound it makes. It’s helpful to address restricted movement, tenderness, and asymmetry.

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