From natural supplements to corrective surgeries, there are countless ways to heal your body’s ailments. However, advancements in regenerative medicine have brought stem cell therapy into the spotlight. If you have an injury or illness and want to learn more about this lesser-known solution, consider the following answers to these frequently asked questions about stem cells.

4 FAQs about Stem Cell Therapy

What are stem cells?

The human body is made up of cells. Stem cells are like the body’s natural wild card—they can grow into many different kinds of cells. Even if they have been inactive for a while, they can spring back into action by dividing. Stem cells aren’t fully formed, which allows them versatility in their functionality. In other words, they could become cells in your brain, muscle, or any other part of the body.

How does stem cell therapy work?

Stem cell therapy is a medical treatment used to replace injured tissues or inactive cells. Since stem cells can renew themselves, they divide and fill empty spaces. By injecting stem cells into areas of the body, such as the face, joints, or bones, these wild card cells can begin to divide and heal the damaged body part in question.

What does stem cell therapy treat?

Today, stem cell therapy is used for a variety of reasons.  Because these cells are so versatile, they can be used throughout the body to heal injured tissue, and stimulate healing.  They are used used to help injured athletes and individuals with arthritis.  They are used for hair loss, facial, and vaginal rejuvenation.

What are the benefits?

By injecting stem cells into diseased or damaged parts of the body, patients can heal naturally, stimulate collagen production, and regrow tissue without dealing with extensive recovery times after a procedure.  Patients undergoing stem cell treatments for orthopedic issues can return to their regular activities almost immediately.  Patients doing vaginal rejuvenation notice less pain, less incontinence, and improved texture immediately.  Those who do stem cell treatments for hair loss or facial rejuvenation notice improvements immediately, with continued improvement for 6 months.  The great thing about these regenerative treatments is that the benefits never dissipate.