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Botox Injections in Golden, CO

Botox injections being provided in Golden, CO

Have you noticed signs of aging on your skin? Are you ready to revitalize your appearance and regenerate your skin? If you’re ready to try something new to enhance and renew your skin to make it look healthy and young again, talk to the team at Kore Regenerative Medicine about Botox. We’re located in Golden, CO, and proudly serve the surrounding areas.

Achieve a Younger Appearance

If you’re looking to appear more youthful, a popular and safe cosmetic option is Botox injections. Botox is a carefully curated treatment that involves the use of neurotoxins. These neurotoxins, once injected into the skin, can last up to 2–3 months, providing you with a smooth and fresh look. This minimally invasive procedure produces proven results by noticeably decreasing wrinkles.

If you’re looking into Botox injections to decrease the physical signs of aging, the team at Kore Regenerative Medicine is experienced, trained, and skilled at performing this type of procedure. We set ourselves apart by not only focusing on the aesthetic treatment at hand but on true health and wellness for the entire body. Our procedures are safe and effective.

Trust Our Dedicated Team

Dr. Jordanna Quinn, D.O., M.S., heads Kore Regenerative Medicine of Golden, CO. Dr. Quinn is a physical medicine and rehabilitation board-certified physician and has specialized in the study of regenerative medicine, aesthetics, and functional medicine. With her expertise, Dr. Quinn helps her patients look and feel better. She’ll work with you to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Get Started Today

Are you ready to get a fresh start by getting Botox injections? You’ll be amazed at the results and the ease of the procedure. Get in contact with Kore Regenerative Medicine today to learn more and to schedule your appointment. You can call us at 720-605-9355 or send us a message online.



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