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functional medicine doctor denver

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Functional Medicine is a branch of medicine that searches for and treats the root cause of disease. A functional medicine approach to care includes specialized testing and personalized treatment just for you. The goal is to find one or two reasons for your condition, and treat it at it’s cause. This type of medicine differs from traditional medicine in that each symptom is not treated as it’s own entity, but hopefully as part of the whole, root cause. Functional medicine typically encompasses one or all of the following: bioidentical hormone treatments, IV and oral vitamins and supplements, low dose naltrexone, diet, and mental health.

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Dr. Quinn and her team collectively bring 30 years of experience in Functional Medicine to the table and find great satisfaction in bringing true relief to their patients. Optimal health is achieved through this holistic approach to medicine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of functional medicine?

Functional medicine seeks to find the root cause of your issues. It is a branch of medicine that serves to treat the cause of disease, as opposed to just treating the symptoms of disease. Functional Medicine often focuses on food and exercise as a part of their model of health. It also encompasses mental health, stress levels, and intensive lab testing to help determine the most accurate level of treatment for each individual.

2. Is functional medicine the same as Western medicine?

Functional medicine is a branch of western medicine. It is typically performed by medical doctors who are seeking to make a larger impact in their patients’ lives than what traditional insurance based care offers. It often allows for physicians to spend more time with their patients than traditional medical doctors.

3. Does functional medicine really work?

Functional medicine really seeks to find the root cause of disease and address symptoms at a cellular level as opposed to a symptomatic level of treatment with multiple medications to treat multiple symptoms of one disease.

4. What should I expect at my initial consultation?

You should expect the doctor to spend a significant amount of time asking about many aspects of yourself that affect health. They will ask about your food intake, exercise routine, stress levels, sleep habits, and more. The doctor will do an extensive intake to find out anything about you that may be affecting your health. The physician will likely want to have detailed labs drawn, and may discuss diving deeper with specialized lab panels as well.

5. How is Functional Medicine different from conventional medicine?

The doctor will spend a lot of time asking pertinent questions about your health. She will deep dive into your daily habits, and not just ask questions about the one complaint that you came to see her for.

6. Do you take insurance?

We do not take insurance. We do provide a superbill for you at the end of your visit, which has all of the necessary codes for reimbursement. You can submit this to your insurance company at your leisure. If they chose to reimburse you for the visit, it will be at the out of network provider rate. We do not have any idea what these rates are for each insurance plan.

7. How do I get started with Kore Regenerative Medicine?

Please give us a call at 720-605-9355 and we would be happy to answer any extra questions and get you on Dr. Quinn’s schedule for a visit!

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