Surgical Recovery

Surgical Recovery

Surgery is extremely invasive and requires the body to overcome hours or days of fasting, overcoming anesthesia, and recovering from the actual surgical repair itself. The surgical recovery IV is packed with hydrating fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, all geared to heal the gut and heal the surgical wound more rapidly than your body would heal on its own.

This IV contains potent antioxidants and wound healers such as vitamin C, zinc, and glutathione, to promote collagen formation and help your body recover more quickly from surgery. The hydrating effects of this IV therapy will get you feeling like yourself again.

Each of the powerful substances in this IV directly stimulates new collagen formation in the areas that were injured and repaired during the surgical procedure. When taken orally, the effect of these substances is significantly reduced as compared to a single postoperative IV.

Anesthesia can take quite a toll on the body. It slows the digestive tract and prevents your body from absorbing nutrients which are critical for optimal healing. IV therapies bypass the need for gut absorption of nutrients and allow your cells to get every vitamin and mineral that they need to recover. This allows all of the nutrients to go directly into your cells and not deal with a slow-moving digestive tract.

This IV can be performed before or after surgery to promote healing and recovery. Maximizing your cellular health is just as important prior to surgery, as it is after surgery. These important nutrients decrease prolonged symptoms from anesthesia such as fatigue, memory loss, confusion, and pain. This proprietary combination of ingredients will get you back to feeling good in no time and can be done up to twice a week, before or after surgery.



Feel like you need more vitamin C? Feel symptoms of a cold or flu coming on? While our Immune Boost IV and Coldbuster IVs contain enough vitamin C to really combat any infection you may be fighting off, we can add increments of 5gm of vitamin C to this IV for more of a boost. This vitamin C boost must be added prior to beginning the IV. Vitamin C will help fight off infection, improve wound healing, boost your immune system, improve skin health, speed up recovery post-operatively, and more.


Feeling low in energy and like you need a boost? B12 is already in most of our IVs. However, if you feel like you need a greater energy boost than usual, don’t hesitate to let our nurses know that you would like an extra 1mL of B12 today. This B12 boost can be added at any time during the IV.


2mL of this extremely potent antioxidant can be added to any IV. This is a great add-on for people who like to party, for those suffering from chronic disease or chronic pain, for patients on regular medications, and for those wanting to rid themselves of excess toxin buildup. Glutathione helps decrease inflammation in the body, helps break down fat, is anti-aging, improves sleep, improves energy, and detoxifies. It is a powerful molecule packed with a punch! This addon is typically performed as a “push” during the IV or at the end of the IV.


This is a great add-on to any of our IVs. Trace minerals are needed to optimize energy, boost your immune system and improve muscle recovery. We are often depleted of these minerals with our poor gut health and depleted soils. Trace minerals improve skin health, prevent damage from the sun’s rays, decrease muscle spasms, and slow the aging process, both inside and out. This is a great boost to add on for anyone suffering from gut issues, or recovering from a recent illness. .


This is a medication that can be added to your IV to help decrease nausea. This is sometimes added to our Migraine relief IV or Hangover Rescue IV when nausea is present. We also add this to our altitude sickness IV, when needed.


For just $35, you can add on an extra bag of fluids. These electrolyte-packed bags of fluid will rehydrate your cells and help you recover from illness, stress, or any other life event you are dealing with.






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