IV Therapy Treatment in Golden, CO

A woman in Golden, CO after receiving IV therapy

IV Therapies

IV therapies are used for a multitude of ailments. IV vitamins (Vit C, B complex, B12, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and more) boost your immune system and decrease free radical formation in the blood, thereby decreasing cellular aging. IV vitamins will help decrease cold symptoms and help you return to feeling well more quickly than oral vitamins alone. They are used to help maximize athletic performance, and help the body recover more quickly after a stressful event. IV vitamins are good prior to flying and after a heavy night out on the town.


IV MYERS COCKTAIL contains vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium and minerals.  Used for a general boost in immunity or energy.  Helps combat autoimmune disease and improves overall cellular function.  Also a great, quick IV to do prior to air travel, to give your immune system a nice boost.


Immune IV is a high dose vitamin C to help fight off infection.  Also contains B vitamins and minerals for gut health.  Helps reduce signs and symptoms of a cold or flu by up to 48 hours.  You will immediately begin to feel better during this potent IV vitamin treatment.


Performance IV contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  Improves muscular recovery before or after intense exercise.  Good for people who are doing intense training for a race, or for people who have just completed a major atheltic event.


Hangover IV contains IV fluids, vitamins and minerals to help recover after a big night out.  Also alleviates headache and nausea symptoms immediately.  Contains fluids for dehydration, vitamins, and medications for a quick recovery.  This IV is also good for altitude sickness.


IV NAD is a potent vitamin used to increase ATP (cellular energy) production. It can be used for diseases that cause chronic fatigue such as autoimmune disease, Lyme disease and more.  It is also used often for people who do not suffer any major disease, but who lead stressful lives and want to boost their cognitive and energy production naturally.


IV chelation is used to bind excess heavy metal build up in the body. Our bodies need help detoxifying the heavy metals that we are exposed to on a daily basis, and IV chelation is the most effective means to do this. Heavy metal build up can cause a variety of health issues, such as increased incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, increased coronary artery disease and risk of heart attack, neurologic diseases and more.


Hydration IV is a high dose fluid recovery for overall health, altitude sickness, and hydration.



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