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High Dose Vitamin C IV

Vitamin C is important for so many functions in our body. It helps keep our immune system optimized, decreases the severity of infection, works as a potent antioxidant, and even helps with wound healing. High-dose vitamin C provides a powerful boost to your immune system, which helps protect from the threat of cold and flu. In situations when the virus has already kicked in, the body becomes so preoccupied with fighting it that Vitamin C levels can fall significantly. Under this circumstance, a Vitamin C IV treatment will give patients a massive boost with a quick reaction, assisting the body on the road to a faster recovery.

If you are considering high-dose vitamin C for a cold, flu, or just an immune boost, you can do a slightly lower, yet very effective, dose of vitamin C for treatment. This super high dose vitamin C is generally used as an adjunct to cancer treatment, or to decrease the unwanted side effects from chemotherapy.

IV Vitamin C Therapy Benefits

This super high dose vitamin C IV is used to help decrease symptoms associated with cancer, by forming hydrogen peroxide inside of your cells. Oral vitamin C does not reach the same therapeutic levels of vitamin C in the bloodstream that IV vitamin C does. Once the vitamin C in the bloodstream, it forms hydrogen peroxide within the cells. Our healthy cells have an enzyme called catalase, that breaks down hydrogen peroxide into hydrogen and oxygen, allowing our healthy cells to rid themselves of hydrogen peroxide buildup. Cancer-ridden cells do not have catalase to break down the hydrogen peroxide, and so the cancer cells burst. Vitamin C IVs can help combat side effects of cancer and chemotherapy such as fatigue, immunocompromised state, nutrient loss, and more.

Get an Appointment for High Dose Vitamin C IV Treatment Online

High-dose vitamin C IVs do require an appointment with Dr. Quinn prior to your IV, and some important lab work, prior to IV administration. During the IV, your blood levels of ascorbic acid will be checked until Dr. Quinn assesses you have reached a therapeutic level of treatment. These treatments are individualized to your specific needs and metabolism and cannot be rushed. It is recommended that you undergo a series of these high-dose vitamin C infusions for optimal effect.

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