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NAD+ IV Drip Therapy

NAD+ is a potent and active form of the B3 vitamin used to directly increase energy production at the cellular level. Because this NAD IV is working directly inside of your mitochondria, it has so many beneficial and potent effects all over the body. NAD+ is used to improve cognitive performance, mental clarity, physical performance, energy, and more. NAD+ is used for diseases that cause chronic fatigue such as autoimmune disease and Lyme disease; it is used for addiction, Alzheimer’s disease, and brain fog. NAD+ is the active form of the molecule, whereas NADH is the inactive form. Your body must recycle NADH to NAD+ in order to produce any energy in your body. If your body is depleted of NADH or there is not enough NADH around to recycle into NAD+, you cannot produce energy in your cells, and they die off. This obviously creates long-term problems for your physical and mental health. Cells dying off increases your risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, lung disease, and more.

Chronic stress or disease can lead to depleted levels of NADH, thereby contributing to mitochondrial dysfunction, autoimmune disorders, and more. Restoring optimal levels of NAD+ truly helps your body recover from chronic stress and may even reverse chronic disease at its core.

NAD+ also plays a large role in anti-aging. NAD+ stimulates a group of enzymes in your body, called SIRT, which are important enzymes in the aging process. NAD+ directly activates SIRT1 and SIRT3, which serve to decrease inflammation, decrease fat synthesis and storage, and help regulate blood sugar. These three components alone are major contributors to aging and tissue breakdown. Why not feel as good as possible as long as we can?

NAD+ IV Treatment for Professionals

NAD+ is the latest and greatest IV to help achieve peak physical performance. Professional and amateur athletes coming to do NAD IVs on a regular basis to boost their energy levels and increase exercise tolerance. NAD directly increases energy production intracellularly, which helps athletes increase exercise output and “get more” out of their workouts.

NAD+ is also popular with CEOs and entrepreneurs, trying to up-level their mental performance. Because it works on every cell in your body, at the mitochondrial level, its effects are noticeable in the brain as well as the body. NAD+ promotes concentration and focus and decreases symptoms of anxiety, depression, and addiction.

This IV is typically done in a series of 5-10 IVs, 2-5 days per week, and then once per month thereafter for maintenance.

We often have same-day appointments for NAD+ IV therapy in Colorado, please call us at 720-605-9355.

Add On Boosts


This is a medication that can be added to your IV to help decrease nausea. This is sometimes added to our Migraine relief IV or Hangover Rescue IV when nausea is present. We also add this to our altitude sickness IV, when needed.

Extra Hydration

For just $35, you can add on an extra bag of fluids. These electrolyte-packed bags of fluid will rehydrate your cells and help you recover from illness, stress, or any other life event you are dealing with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you feel after NAD IV?

Your first IV therapy of NAD+ gives you results that last 4-14 days, depending on your condition and health goals. Patients report increased mental clarity following NAD+ infusions. The results of increasing your intracellular levels of NAD+ are a reversal of age-related cellular dysfunction, improved energy, and enhanced mental clarity, as your good genes turn on.

2. How long does NAD therapy last?

IV therapy can last from 3 to 50 days, depending on your condition and your goals. It’s important to work with a qualified doctor who is certified in providing NAD+ treatment, because there are specific protocols.

3. How are NAD+ infusions different from NAD+ supplements?

Your body does not absorb NAD supplements efficiently. It is recommended to do NAD+ via IV therapy to maximize the amount that gets inside the cells. There are some other ways of doing NAD, such as topically, but again, this method is less efficient than doing it IV.

4. Is NAD+ covered by Insurance?

This IV treatment is not covered by insurance. We do provide a superbill for you at the end of your visit, which has all of the necessary codes for reimbursement. You can submit this to your insurance company at your leisure. If they chose to reimburse you for the visit, it will be at the out of network provider rate. We do not have any idea what these rates are for each insurance plan.

5. How does NAD+ help with aging?

NAD+ is a powerful coenzyme that works within the Kreb’s cycle (energy cycle) of your cells. By giving your body NAD, you are able to maximize energy production on a cellular level. This enhances brain function and combats the effects of aging at a cellular levels.

6. How often should I use NAD+ IV therapy?

There are many things to consider when developing a treatment plan, so how often you should undergo IV therapy will vary from person to person. Most often, patients require 5-10 IV treatments before they notice a significant difference. Once optimal levels are achieved and the patient feels good, maintenance is, on average, once per month.

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